I got the wonderful dresses for Aiko3 and Pranx at Renderosity FreeStuffArea.
There is no problem though they are dynamic cloth. They are easy to use because they had the detailed settings.

I made simple sandals for these dresses.

This package included the sandals for Aiko 3 and Scampixie Pranx.
Delete all “Scampixie” Folders if you are not a proper owner of Scampixie Pranx. They are unnecessary files to you.
And the MAT poses are convertible with Aiko3 and Pranx. There is no problem to gathering the Pose files into the same folder if you use both.

This package isn’t suitable for D|S users.
I prepared the D|S version separately.

4 thoughts on “Kimono Sandals Poser for Aiko 3 and Pranx”

  1. Thanks, Gise 🙂 I tried to make them soon when I saw the dress of FyreSpiryt.

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