Everybody may be busy to the preparation for the Halloween now.
I must think in advance about the next season before everybody accelerate to the winter.
Because my work is very slow.

I like shoes. My V4 has many shoes than me. Don’t be careless because idler168 and dx30 sometimes put their terrific products on FastGRAB at DAZ Store.

My next target is the Christmas. There are Slouch Boots by idler168. So, this time, I wouldn’t make the shoes. The making of the shoes is very difficult to me. Especially G4’s foots are troublesome. I will make a sweater which matches these boots next. But there are many products of a sweater in the market. Will I actually be able to attract the people’s interest by such a thing?

I intend to make a sweater for Pranx. Probably I seem to want to make the matching clothes of those different figures.

Well, I always tend to change my plan, though.

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