Alexa2’s dress

I got Alexa2 with very cheap price at DAZ Store. But now, her item almost disappeared.

FK Design’s Alyssa for Alexa2 is Freebie now to my surprise. It is very charming character set.
I tried to remodel my Muumuu dress V4 for Alexa2.

Alexa2’s waist is very thin, and her hips is big. My Muumuu dress became not muumuu form all the more.

The looks may be good if there is a Shell Lei. But, I have anxiety to it about the number of objects. It may be enough with a Nuts Lei though I don’t like that very much.

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  1. Gisela

    Thank you!!!!!!!!

    • elleque

      Thank you for the comment. 🙂
      Wait for a while until I upload that.

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